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Discover the Secret Art of Subtle Selling that wins 2x-5x more business than pain, pitching or pretending to be someone else.

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If you're ready to experience higher levels of confidence, fulfillment and success in your sales - I'VE GOT YOU!

I've worked with hundreds of people who have tried all the sales things other people said worked...but they didn't work for them.

It has a way of leaving you feeling discouraged, insecure, and sometimes considering quitting all together.

But here's the thing - PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. And there is no one size fits all approach in this world - especially in sales. 

As soon as my clients embrace their unique strengths and do what feels good for THEM, they have 5 out of 10 of their ideal clients saying “yes” to working with them.

The difference is my process is proven yet customized to you - no cookie cutter approaches.

This blend of structure and custom strategy helped introverts sell $6.2M in 2020 alone!

Does This Sound Familiar?

Are you signing up less than 40% of the people you talk to who could benefit from working with you?

Is it difficult to identify a repeatable pattern that's actually winning business for YOU?

Do you feel like you need to act like someone else to win sales?

Then please allow me to show you - it's not you.

It's the sales strategy you're using.

How to Work With Me

90 Day Subtle Selling Accelerator

Taking my proven framework and customizing it to your personality, product & audience so you can consistently sign up over 40% of the people you talk to.

1 on 1 Strategy

Everything from the 90 Day Subtle Selling Accelerator...but done for you with more one-on-one access.


Aleasha is family! She’t the only coach that will take consistent action to help you with you sales problems!

And the best part about it is that she will do it without giving you scripts, templates, or any-of-the-most-recommended advice from the gurus. Aleasha helped me turn my sales conversation from scripted to unscripted, conversational to say the least to finally being able to get 100% closing ration on qualified calls.

We’ve gone from clients not wanting to get on a call or declining the invite to signing within minutes. We’ve seen clients sell themselves on the product/services easier than ever before. This is just the beginning. Like I mentioned above, Aleasha is family! She is relatable, easy to talk with, and is an amazing woman to learn from.

Speaking from experience, I hired many coaches, and regardless where my coaches were in their career, they have never been able to help me as quickly as Aleasha has. Most coaches will hand you a script and call it a day. Aleasha does whatever it takes to see you succeed.

Antoine Airoldi

President at Antoine Airoldi Communications Inc.

Aleasha Bahr is the best investment I made this year, hands down..
Easily 10x’d what I paid for her and here is why..
Most coaches try to fix you and get you to follow their exact method.
But Aleasha knows you aren’t broken.. you don’t need a whole F@&$n system..
Just a few small puzzle pieces and then it’s game on..
She makes it easy and effortless..
Remember this and don’t say I don’t warn you..
If you snooze, you lose.. she won’t be affordable for most people for much longer.

Ely Rosenfeld

Loved working with Aleasha! She gave us such a great advice on everything from our sales script to our emails and even mindset. She helped us get our brand new offer off the ground within just a few short months! It’s rare to meet someone who mixes such great expertise with so much caring.

Six months into my consulting business and I had made exactly 1,000 Euro in sales, while losing money on ads every month and getting dangerously low on cash… I felt demotivated from all the rejections thinking I just wasn’t cut out for sales.

Then I came across Alesha and decided to give it one last go. She immediately identified why I wasn’t able to close and created a framework that was suited to my offer and my personality. Now, after only two months, I’ve made 17,000 in sales! And more than that, I actually ENJOY the sales calls!!

To anyone who’s considering working with Alesha – DO IT! It really has the power to change your life!


Yo coach! Best sales coach ever. How ya doin!!! “Get out of your head.” <-- Wise words. Closed $5500 in 90 mins. Badaboom!

The real reason I’m messaging you is to let you know that you should screenshot the following because its true.

I’m 3 for my last 3 sales calls. And two of them, 100% would not have closed if it were no for your coaching. $7,000+ because of you. Last week, $34,000 in contracted revenue.. Without you, I would maybe have closed $12,000 of that!!! I fucking love the how ya doin out of you lets go!!!!

I hope like 5 people messaged you and hired you for your coaching because damn if someone is looking at this post wondering if you should hire Aleasha Bahr, and you’re waiting, you are literally losing sales every day.

Working with Aleasha, I went from being 50% closer to an 80% closer in the high ticket space. It’s legit insanity.

Neal Thakkar

Aleasha – the script has been working very well so far!

We have gotten quite a few clients this week.

Wild how just a couple of tweaks makes such difference.

It’s so much more natural.
I have one Sunday and that’s it for now.
Working on getting more.
I have to say, just the feedback you gave in such a short amount of time has made such a huge difference in my positioning and general mindset.


Aleasha is a gifted sales trainer/consultant! in a quick call (on her amazing podcast!) she was able to help me explain my offer in a way that no one else could.

That one session with her helped me with all of my messaging as well - emails, webinars, blog posts, sales calls, etc.

She helped me make offer, transformation using energy work, more relatable to people who aren't yet familiar.

So grateful for you, Aleasha

Sarah Christine Nolan

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