Convert up to 80% of your sales meetings without pressure, pitching or pretending to be someone else

The Black Sheep Sales Method™

Because if it's a fit, then it's a fact and there's no "selling" involved.

Convert up to  80% of your sales meetings without pressure, pitching or pretending to be someone else

The Black Sheep Sales Method™

Because if it's a fit, then it's a fact and

there's no "selling" involved.

Effortlessly Convert Your Next Sale without Cringe

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Is This You?

You hate “numbers games”

You’re so concerned about overpromising to clients that you end up underselling yourself or confusing your client 

You sell your own services and you want to sell more of them but the idea of coming off pushy or sleazy  in a sales conversation gives you the hives

"You do things a little differently in your industry. So, why would you force yourself into mainstream, one-size-fits-all sales BS?"

The biggest lie in sales today is that it has to be manipulative and uncomfortable to work. 

Sure - that works for some people. 

But saying it works for everyone is like saying this outfit looks amazing on me so it will look amazing on you too.  

Of course it won’t - you have a different style, body shape, coloring, etc.

Clothes aren’t one-size-fits-all and neither is sales (nothing in life really is).

Instead of mainstream sales telling you to force yourself into a one size fits all strategy - get a Black Sheep Sales strategy that highlights your differences and strengths in a powerful way. 

A sales strategy based on a foundation of empathy, curiosity and transparency vs. aggression and manipulation. 

And custom designed for you only after a deep understanding of your offer inside and out. 

That means it never feels awkward, uncomfortable or difficult and it works from the first call vs. hundreds of painful rejections. 

And I can prove it with the 100+ people I’ve shown to close on their first call - and up to 80% of calls after that. 

Because if it’s a fit, then it’s a fact and there’s no “selling” involved.

How I’ll help you


No numbers games, no cold outreach, no cringy psychological (AKA manipulative and awkward) tricks. That’s not me or the Black Sheep way! 

We’re transparent, empathetic, curious and refreshingly different from what anyone expects from a sales conversation - which is exactly why it works so well 😉

Why Me?


The Black Sheep Sales Method™ is based on my 15 years experience in sales with $50M in professional services sold.

Over time it’s been painstakingly perfected and personalized for 100+ clients who previously “hated” sales and after working together love sales and regularly convert up to 80% of their sales meetings!

The Black Sheep Sales Method Creates Results Like These: 

Heather Terveen
Owner of Heather Terveen

Lucrece Bundy
Bundy Law LLC

Sherilyn Carter
Owner of Sherilyn Carter

Gina Suzzane
Owner of Structure 2 Scale

Malia Wambolt
Holistic Nutritionist

Anthony Prichard
Youtube Ads Specialist

Neal Thakkar
Fitness & Health Business Owner

Nato Guajardo
Online Insurance Education - Sales Team Specific

Michael Lelli
Online Education Sales & Insurance Agency Owner

John Duda
Online Education Sales

Evy Baniaga
Short Video Strategist

Bobby Stocks
Online Entrepreneur - Sales Team Specific

Amanda Bryant
Career Coaching

Black sheep sales (Transparent PNG)

Ryan McNichol
Digital Advertising Sales

Wendy Breakstone
Operations Consultant

Jonathan Gelardi
Online Education Sales

Patrick Phillips
Digital Marketing

Sales Stops Being a Numbers Game When You Stop Treating People Like Numbers

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