Are You a Black Sheep?

Well, usually you have some idea you’re a black sheep because of the way more mainstream people respond to you. 

You know - that response and facial expression that feels like you’ve accidentally dropped an ice cube down someone’s back. The hairs bristle, their eyes get a little wide - they are clearly uncomfortable. 

This usually happens because of one of these 3 reasons: 

  1. You don’t fall in line just because someone says so - even if that person is an “authority”
  2. You say the thing or ask the question that makes people uncomfortable because it needs to be said or asked
  3. You look at things from multiple perspectives and question the status quo (much to the  mainstream’s dismay)

Essentially, you either look different, think different or have a different perspective (often a combination of all 3!) from what mainstream society tells us is "normal" - and that makes most people uncomfortable. 

You, my friend, have a beautiful black sheep perspective the world desperately needs. I’m here to celebrate it, show you how to articulate it and amplify it.  

Because black sheep are more powerful together. 

Black sheep aren’t rude, we’re unapologetic and we’re ready to stop hiding and show up fully without shame.  

We’re heartcore y’all.


Our Way vs. Their Way

Black Sheep Sellers

  • The Black Sheep Sales Method™ is about empathy, curiosity and excitement and the only goal is to identify whether the buyer is a fit - and it’s 100% ok for them not to be.
  • We repel as much as they attract because not everyone is a fit.
  • We let buyers know when something doesn’t work - to make sure your expectations and capacity line up with the solution delivered.
  • We focus on hope and excitement for the buyer get them to the other side of their big hairy problem.
  • We preach quality over quantity. Less calls = more sales because they convert more of them with a custom tailored process.
  • Our is customized to your personality, audience and you make sales from the first call without ever feeling uncomfortable.

Mainstream Sellers

  • Mainstream sellers are aggressive, manipulative and the only goal is to get someone to say yes - whether it’s in the buyer’s best interests or not.
  • They work with everyone and anyone because everyone is a fit (as long as you have a working credit card).
  • They sell the dream - in the buyer’s own words - whether it’s true or not.
  • They focus primarily on digging the knife into the buyer’s pain and painting a miserable future without their solution instead of empowering them to make the choice that’s right for them.
  • They preach that sales is a numbers game. More calls = more sales.
  • Their sales methods are a one-size-fits-all approach no matter what or who you’re selling to and discomfort and sales go hand in hand. Hundreds of repetitions are required before you’re “good at sales”.

The 10 Black Sheep Sales Commandments

Sales doesn’t have to be an awkward, posturing power play with a winner and a loser. Sales is more successful when it’s a transparent win/win 

The Black Sheep 10 Commandments 

  1. Sales is NOT a numbers game - quantity and quality are simply not the same. Be intentional and you’ll find sales stops being a numbers game when you stop treating people like numbers (and instead treat them like humans).

  2. Sales should NEVER feel uncomfortable. If it does, your prospect feels it too, and that is not the right strategy for you. 

  3. More calls does NOT equal more sales - more calls with the RIGHT people (which usually mean less calls overall) does mean more sales. 

  4. Empathy and curiosity are the most powerful sales skills - not being charming and smooth. 

  5. Being awkward sells more than being fake - if you’re awkward about sales - say so. Own your weird - generic bull shit is the worst. 

  6. There is no one size fits all sales strategy - context is everything. If you've taken calls and no one's moving forward - we're switching that strategy. No dozens of repetitions needed. 

  7. Good offers beat pressure and manipulation. If your offer is quality and gets results I don't believe you need manipulation or pressure to sell it. 

  8. If it’s a fit it’s a fact with no selling involved - it’s all about expectations lining up with my solution before signing someone up. (Which means sometimes saying no because not everyone is a fit).

  9. Pitchweave instead of pitch - pitch weave seamlessly so that you’re not guessing “Did you want that?” Instead let's make sure that we’re clear that it’s a match. 

  10. Detach from the sale - it’s about their best interests. NO ONE likes commission breath.

Ready to Make Sales a Win/Win?

Sales Stops Being a Numbers Game When You Stop Treating People Like Numbers

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