About Aleasha Bahr

Custom Sales Strategist for Solopreneurs


"You're going to heartily disagree with other sales trainers who believe there's only one way to do it. Imagine instead having a framework that works for everyone, and then being able to add your own special ingredients. How amazing would that be?"

My experience began when I was working with a well-known national media company, where I successfully sold multi-million dollar contracts.

Over the years I spent with them I developed my skills selling to every industry and audience you can imagine: automotive, real estate, retail, etc. The problem was that the company often didn’t fulfill their promises to my clients.

As someone who can’t sell something that doesn't deliver results, their way of doing work just didn’t align with my values, so I decided to do my own thing!

And, I am SO glad I did, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have the honor of helping so many introverts transform into confident experts who don’t need to change who they are to successfully win business.


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