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My goal is to help SOLOPRENEURS learn how to sell, sell the best way that fits for them

Are you ready to win over 80% more business? Allow me show you how amazing at sales you really are when you use my proven strategy The Secret Art of Subtle Selling.

Nowadays people are cynical, they’re especially skeptical of the chatty, charming extrovert and they tune you out the moment you start “selling.”

My Subtle Selling method creates a loophole that removes the pressure of acting like someone else with draining, extroverted strategies that produce unpredictable sales.

The 90 Day Subtle Selling Accelerator

All you need to feel confident selling are the proven tools and custom framework we design specifically for YOU.

Together we'll perfect your sales process from A to Z!


Get High Quality Prospects

Tweaking your pre-qualification process, any marketing you use to book calls, and even your actual offer - so any prospect you get on the phone is more likely to say "yes".


Positioning You as An Expert

Re-positioning questions you ask to show off your expertise and focus on whether someone is a good fit for you, instead of manipulative-feeling, pain-based questions. 


Sell More with Pitch Weaving

Discover how to elegantly weave your pitch during the process of asking questions so the prospect never feels "sold" but is far more likely to buy than if you "saved" your entire pitch for the end of the call.


Make it Easy to Say "Yes"

Efficiently explain your program/service in no more than 3 chunks/parts and directly link each part to the end result your prospect wants, so it's simple and easy for them to understand & say "yes".


Overcome Every Objection

Craft a custom strategy for overcoming objections specific to your offer (as well as the objections everyone gets like price & time) without coming across defensive. 


Clarify So it's Easier to Buy

Customize all of the above with language your specific target audience understands and relates to, so they're not confused about your offer (a confused mind says no.) 

After we’re done working together you’ll leave with something very custom to you that works consistently and predictably to get 4-8 out of 10 prospects saying “yes” to you.

Go even faster with my one-on-one coaching.

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What People Are Saying...

Subtle Selling Works No Matter What Industry You're In

Lucrece Bundy
Bundy Law LLC

Gina Suzzane
Owner of Structure 2 Scale

Anthony Prichard
YouTube Ads Specialist

Neal Thakkar
Fitness & Health Business Owner

Nato Guajardo
Online Insurance Education - Sales Team Specific

Michael Lelli
Online Education Sales & Insurance Agency Owner

John Duda
Online Education Sales

Evy Baniaga
Short Video Strategist

Bobby Stocks
Online Entrepreneur - Sales Team Specific

Amanda Bryant
Career Coaching

Aron Chernoff
Online Business Sales

Ryan McNichol
Digital Advertising Sales

Wendy Breakstone
Operations Consultant

Jonathan Gelardi
Online Education Sales

Patrick Phillips
Digital Marketing

Are you ready to bathe in Benjamins?


But, if you’re ready to stop struggling with a sales strategy designed for someone else that leaves you feeling discouraged and drained…

…and replace it with something custom-to-you that you can use comfortably and consistently to win 2x-5x more business with your ideal clients.

Then I am just a message away!

Even better, book a call with me to discuss your specific situation and find out if we’re a fit…

Yours Truly,

Aleasha Bahr

Custom Sales Strategist for Soloprenuers
Founder of “The Secret Art of Subtle Selling for Introverts”

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