How to Build a High-Performing Sales Team – Compensation, Culture & Accountability

So, you’re thinking of hiring a salesperson?

You’ve reached that point where you no longer can (or want) to take sales calls because you’re so busy fulfilling – congrats!!!

This is a very exciting situation to be in but each time it happens, without fail, I see entrepreneurs make the exact same mistakes. Hiring salespeople can help you level up unlike anything else or be a dead weight depending on how you do it.

There’s a misconception that you can hire a salesperson with no structure set up for them, offer to pay them a commission of each sale (no base) and then send them on their way to figure out how to sell it themselves.

I’m not sure where this assumption comes from – I can’t think of any other job it’s assumed that someone will succeed with little to no direction but it’s rampant when it comes to hiring sales people – especially with entrepreneurs.

Because they’re in sales right? This is their strength – not yours.

And that’s valid – you might not even know HOW to go about setting up a salesperson for success. What do they need?

But instead of hiring a sales expert or manager to help set up the structure, processes and training for you, so many just have a revolving door of sales people who never work out.

And the result is A LOT of leads – and as a result – money wasted.
It’s truly stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.

If you’re running paid ads to generate leads then it’s losing money on the ads that aren’t converting into sales.

If you’re organically generating leads then it’s a ton of money lost on missed opportunities not closed.

In both of these situations, a ton of precious time and energy is wasted.

The owner is frustrated at the salesperson’s perceived laziness and/or poor performance.


They have no idea how to direct them though – they’re just frustrated the poor fool isn’t “figuring it out” for themselves.

There’s the promise of lots of money to be made – isn’t that enough to motivate a sales person? (Hint: No – it’s not. Leadership is important in every department and absolutely crucial in sales.)

And the salesperson is resentful that the owner gives them no direction and seems to expect that they’ll create gold out of thin air.

The salesperson is often not exactly sure of what to ask for either but when they do ask for something – it’s more annoying than anything to the owner.

Because then the owner has to do stuff and they thought they’d just be able to hand things off at this point and focus on delivery only.

Communication becomes…strained between the two.

And usually, the entrepreneur lets the salesperson flounder for anywhere from 1-3 months…and then they start all over with someone else again.

Rinse and repeat.

I do want to put the disclaimer here that when someone learns a new offer, the beginning is the worst it will ever be.

They’re getting used to your offer, audience and the best way to position it based on their personality and delivery.

But there are some things you can put in place that will drastically reduce the ramp up time for the salesperson to start successfully selling your offer and you both rolling in some nice cash.

A few things that will help you avoid this very common, time consuming, expensive and frustrating experience:

Create an onboarding portal with everything a salesperson needs to know to hit the ground running.

This will cut down substantially on your ramp up time to successful money-making time.

I always recommend including things like:

The offer details

All marketing that a prospect sees before they schedule a call (this is important to how they’re pre-framed before the sales conversation)

Testimonials (they can use these as resources to send prospects or reference in conversation)

Instructions on any software they’ll be using (CRM, call recording, etc.)

Information on when sales meetings are (suggest AT LEAST weekly), what will be covered,when to check in with you, etc.

Expectations. Ex: you need to be producing X results at the end of 2 weeks or we’ll consider this not a fit.

Compensation that incentivizes – I really don’t suggest one flat commission across the board.

There are a few ways you can slice it but popular options are higher commission or bonuses for organically generated leads (instead of paid leads), hitting certain revenue goals or getting a certain number of paid-in-fulls.

Think about what’s important to you – what behavior you want to see and incentivize it with money.

Celebrate the wins. Everyone is better at their job when they’re in a good place mentally but there’s no other job this affects more than sales.

Appreciate them. Let them know when they’re doing well. I’m not saying kiss their ass or make them feel you’re indebted to them.

It’s simply you guys being on the same team and celebrating goals together – big and small – that make a big difference in them wanting to show up for you.

There’s a lot more involved that creates a sales powerhouse for you – and something I rarely see people DIY successfully – because they don’t have the sales experience to set it up correctly.

But if you implement these 3 things, you will be in a far better position than most.

However, if you want help creating a sales structure for success, this is something I have helped many people create – and it’s made them all A LOT of money.

From compensation structure to sales processes, SOPs, scripts, interviewing, vetting and hiring, training, establishing culture and more – I’ve built sales departments from scratch that took owners from $30k/mo to $330k/month.

And it saved them SO much time, money and frustration compared to fumbling through it themselves with no leadership or direction.

It’s a largely performance based 5 figure investment – which is true pennies compared to the ongoing additional $50k-$200k/mo you make.

Hiring without any structure or help creating one is like getting a house that looks nice but everything is really cheap and keeps breaking – it costs SO much in the long run and the stress is awful.

Or you can get a house with good bones that costs more up front but is worth its weight in gold in the long term.

You can DIY hiring a salesperson a few times, have it fail and then finally decide to hire someone to help you figure this out.

Or hire me to build you a really nice house that will make you a lot of money, save you a bunch of time and frustration.

Please DM me if you want to discuss details and if it would make sense for you 🙂


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