Is Agitating Fear and Pain the Most Effective Sales Strategy?

Do you have a resistance to “agitating pain” in your sales process? Guess what – IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE “BAD AT SALES” (YOU’RE ACTUALLY PROBABLY GOOD AT SALES).

This is especially true for introverts – people who are drained by human interaction and need to recharge alone before/after.

  • Poking at prospect’s sore spots repeatedly and asking them to please dump their pain on you is exhausting for the average person (I imagine, anyway) – but ESPECIALLY for an introvert.
  • And when you’re exhausted – you’re not quality.
  • You’re not able to stay present or really commit to the energy, tone and delivery required to make that sales strategy work.
  • It’s like putting on bedazzled jeans and pretending you feel like you look AMAZING.
  • No one is convinced and we’re all a little uncomfortable.
  • And no one buys when they feel uncomfortable or subconsciously pick up that something feels inauthentic about you.

Trust is necessary to buy and if you’re wearing a sales strategy that doesn’t fit – but you’re pretending it does – prospects can feel that.

And you will lose the sale as a result.

  • But let’s say it does work and you bring someone in – but who you are when you’re delivering your service is different than the person you were on the sales call.
  • You were pretending, remember?
  • So, your prospect, now client, is confused.
  • They’re coming in like “alright you pain and shamed me into this – PROVE to me that it works asshole.”
  • And often more pain and shame is needed to keep them on track – the whole it’s your mindset, you’re not serious enough, etc. – it’s exhausting.
  • There are likely more naturally combative people who enjoy this kind of ongoing relationship but for introverts?

It’s not enjoyable.

And it’s harder for us to get our clients results when they come in with that attitude and mindset.

Data shows it even results in a much higher rate of refunds.

The worst part is that a lot of sales experts, gurus or even sales managers will gaslight you for not repeatedly using whatever THEIR preferred strategy is until it works (if it ever does).

….And for introverts this pain strategy rarely works.

I don’t believe they do this with bad intentions.

It’s not that the agitating pain strategy NEVER works. It’s that it doesn’t work for EVERYONE.

Because people are different.

I know that sounds like common sense.

But human logic defaults to “it worked for me so it should work for you and if it doesn’t then something is wrong with you – not me.”

If you’ve ever felt this way, like you keep trying a sales strategy that you HATE because someone is telling you – you have to do it this way.

But you’re not winning as much business as you want, you’re exhausted and you feel burnt out from trying so hard with something that feels so out of alignment with you.

Then please let me assure you there is nothing wrong with you and there are alternatives that work MUCH better.

Alternatives designed for an introvert’s personality.

So it feels good for you, you don’t dread sales calls, and prospects end up saying yes FAR more than when you “agitate their pain.”

And the best part?

Instead of your prospect feeling like “you shamed me into signing up and you have to continue to shame me to do what you say because it feels bad and isn’t working”…

…they’re so excited to work with you!

They come in bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to knock this out.

You can get a clear step-by-step breakdown of how this introvert focused sales strategy works in a previous post I’ve linked in the comments below.

But the simplified version is:

  1. Listen to your intuition – most introverts have a strong one.
  2. If it feels bad to you, it probably feels bad to your prospect too.
  3. Instead of digging into pain, focus on whether the person is a good FIT for you. AKA – do they have a problem I can solve and realistic expectations about it?

And if they check out as a fit – let them know.

“Alright I don’t see any red flags here and this is definitely in our wheelhouse. This is how we work with clients. Does that seem like a fit for your needs?”

And have a regular old conversation based on clearly understanding each other instead of a conversation focused on selling them.

Creating a custom-to-you sales strategy that you enjoy and win business with is something I focus on heavily in my 6 month Matchmaker Sales Method Mentorship™.

We nail down your entire sales process A to Z and the end result is a custom strategy that predictably gets up to 8 out of 10 people saying “yes” to working with you without pain, pitching or pretending to be someone else.

And you’re never required to do something that doesn’t feel right to you (as we covered in the post that many will force on you).

The only requirements for success with my proven strategy is

  1. You feel good delivering it and
  2. It gets results (sales).

If it sounds like something you’re interested in, please book a call to explore if it’s a fit 🤗



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