The Power of a Sales Framework Vs. a Word-for-Word Script

When I say framework – I mean you have main questions you need answers to in order to know someone is a fit (not to expose their pain and manipulate them). 

With prompts to guide you to potential opportunities to pitch weave (something I discuss in other posts).

The benefit of using a framework vs. a word-for-word script is it allows for flexibility and intuition. 

Because although there are undeniably patterns in sales – no sales call is exactly the same. 

So, when your prospect answers with something that you need to uncover further – lean in and uncover it even though it’s not in the script!

  • Then once you’ve gotten all the answers you need to know to ensure they’re a good fit you let them know – “Well, you seem like a great fit because of XYZ reasons” [saying you seem like a great fit without reasons feels false].
  • “Nothing here stands out as a red flag like [list what would be a red flag so they know it’s definitely not them] and your goals and timeline are realistic to the results I have helped others achieve many times in your situation.”

Would you like to hear how? 

Next is a brief “chunked” birds-eye description of how you help someone go from point A to point B – not the details like amount of meetings, possible outcomes of the meetings, etc.


But the overall ideas behind the result you give them and how they’re different from others.


For example, a mindset coach might explain “One of the main things that’s so different about our approach is it’s not about frequent repetition with affirmations and meditation, it’s one four week period that creates lasting freedom from your mind’s negative talk without you having to do something daily to maintain it.”


  • Step 1 starts with powerful exercises that uncover your self limiting beliefs so we can target and eliminate them
  • Step 2 is all about re-programming them to put positive beliefs in their place that produce the result you want like [reference the result they said they wanted]
  • Step 3 is empowering you with everything you need to make this change lasting and permanent so if you ever feel yourself slipping back into old behavioral patterns – you can quickly stop it.

That’s a simple and sequential explanation that’s easy for your prospect to understand and retain how you help them go from point A to point B. 


  • When you thoughtfully plan out your crucial questions ahead of time and craft the most effective, concise way to say things – it keeps your conversation on track.
  • And when you tweak it from there based on response and success – it’s quickly the perfect guide to predictably converting sales.
  • Then the real beauty of a framework is that since it’s not word-for-word – it’s very easy for you to internalize the general structure and run with it naturally instead of reading something – which ends up messing with your tone, energy and ability to really stay present in a conversation to ensure it ends in a sale.

Everytime I work with my clients this ends with them winning DOUBLE the amount of sales they were before – that’s often a difference of $30k – $500k!

Creating a custom framework is something I clearly lay out in my 6 Month Matchmaker Sales™ Mentorship Subtle Selling Mentorship for introverts who sell something $3k+ and want to 2x-10x the number of people saying “yes” to their offers (most start seeing results within a few short weeks).

  • We’ll chunk your offer into 2 or 3 concise pieces that naturally flow and directly tie each element to the end result your client wants in a compelling way that does you justice without dishonesty or overwhelm from too much detail.
  • We’ll also dive deep on how to “pitch weave” so your prospect never feels ‘sold’ and how to get people to overcome their own objections without ever getting defensive.
  • I even help you tweak your pre-qualification process and marketing so that you’re getting better prospects on your call in the first place.
  • After 90 days, you walk away with a custom plan for your sales calls that fits your personality, audience and product like a glove and gets 3-8 people out of 10 saying “yes” to working with you without pain, pitching or pretending to be someone else. \

If interested in my mentorship, please book a call and we can discuss the details to make sure it’s a fit for you 🙂

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