Why Are Your Sales Conversations Ending in “Let Me Think About It?”

Why do so many of my sales conversations end in vague objections like “let me think about it or talk to [insert 3rd party] and get back to you? 

They don’t seem excited when you get to the end of the conversation and they often ghost you once it’s over or respond they “decided to go in a different direction.”

A lot of times it’s a lack of clarity caused by you underselling yourself or going into the weeds of details and deliverables – making it way too confusing/unclear (and a confused mind says no).

The underselling usually happens when you’re concerned about being “that sales person” – the salesy, aggressive one.

So, you go 180 in the opposite direction and don’t even come close to doing yourself justice.

You’re coming from a good place but ironically you’re doing your prospects a disservice by not fully explaining how much you could really help them for fear of sounding “salesy”.

For example, my client has a program and part of it are FOUR weekly coaching calls run by certified experts who have overcome the same issue the prospect is going through and helped hundreds of other people overcome it step-by-step on these calls.

  • I listened to one of his sales calls and he told the prospect “we have 4 calls a week just like the one we’re having now.”
  • I was impressed at how underwhelming he made it sound. I mean, you can’t really dress it down any further than that.
  • And the result is the prospect didn’t realize how AMAZING it is that they offer FOUR of them a week (that’s a lotta calls y’all), the caliber of people they have a direct connection to and what everyone has gotten from the calls – and what a prospect can expect to get from them too.

So, they said no. And it’s sad because they probably would have REALLY benefited from the program and be in a much better place in their life now.

The other issue I often see is the confusing/too much detail.

This often happens when you’re “winging” it without any kind of framework and many times, you haven’t even internally clarified how and what you do with yourself.

  • You end up focusing on deliverables instead of sequential transformation.
  • Explaining things in an unorganized order with long explanations vs. a concise here’s where you start, these are your milestones along and the way and this is where you are at the end – yay!
  • So, it’s hard for your prospect to understand and retain what you do, how it works, why it’s different and sometimes even – what their life looks like afterwards
  • They’re just left to make the connection on why and how these deliverables create the result they want.
  • It also usually ends up with you completely forgetting/missing potentially important pieces and going way too far into detail on other random things.

Like a digital marketer explaining the ins and outs of the marketing audit you do to kick off your custom strategy creation.

And going into all the possible things you could catch in a marketing audit 

For example, explaining “oftentimes it’s that you’re not using hashtags appropriately on Instagram.

  • You’re focusing on generic hashtags or hashtags that have way too many posts associated with them, so you’ll never rank. Here’s an example of a good hashtag because etc. etc. etc.- explaining more scenarios”…and meanwhile the person doesn’t even know what a hashtag is in the first place.
  • And that’s only ONE part of how you help them – and probably not the most important part.
  • You have a whole lot more to explain about how you help them achieve the results they want but your prospect is lost and bored with little attention span left. It just feels disjointed and/or over their head.
  • In both of these situations a framework (not a script) makes a huge positive difference (which I’ll explain in another post).
  • But to start at a bare minimum, write down the sequence of steps in your process and connect them to the result your client wants (very important!)
  • Otherwise, the reason you’re mentioning it – that it’s of benefit to them and that’s why they care – will be missed (although it can seem obvious to you!)

Focusing on the RESULT your client gets can also really help with the issue of underselling. 

The truth is, you’ve chosen to include every part of your service for an important reason that gets your prospect result anyway, you just need to communicate that to your client in a way that accurately represents it – not UNDER representing it.

If you really want to be sure you’re not over exaggerating results (they only get that result if they do the work) then just include that condition in your explanation. Ex: If you do this work with an hour a week you will get x result. If you don’t do it – you won’t get the result. Whatever you need to include to make you more confident you’re being honest about the results you provide – do it. Your prospects appreciate the transparency anyway.

At the end of the day, a CLEAR, proven framework has been the difference between an extra $30k-$500k+ with my clients..

For that reason, crafting a clear framework is one of the main focuses of my 6 month Matchmaker Sales™ Mentorship for solopreneurs who sell something $3k+.

We’ll also tweak your pre-qualification and marketing to pre-frame your prospects so they’re more likely to say “yes” and restructure your questions to position you as an expert vs. a typical salesperson digging into pain.

At the end of 6 months, you’ll walk away with a custom-to-you sales framework that consistently converts 50-80% of your leads into sales without pain, pitching or ever feeling uncomfortable pretending to be someone else.

Most people see increased sales in the first 30 days and once we tweak it to perfection over 4 months you can easily hand it off to someone else and expect the same consistent results.

If you often get “let me think about it” or vague objections like that at the end of your calls, please book a call and we can discuss the details to make sure it’s a fit for you 🙂

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